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Webmaster for a small sailing
Webmaster for a small sailing
Verified review
The support is good. This applies even to free hosting.
Ian D
Ian D
Verified review
Provide good service and support resolve a wide range of issues.
Verified review
Excellent range of services on offer and superb customer support - sign up for a new domain and hosting is very simple and straightforward and everything at really good prices - highly recommended.
John Marshall
John Marshall
Verified review
This is the best hosting company in the UK I would always use them for any hosting You could not get a better hosting in the UK. Customer service is excellent as well as technical help
Alan Cooper
Alan Cooper
Verified review
We have been using them for several years for a club site, and I have just moved over six personal domains at very little cost. I like the cpanel. They are very good, even though I moaned a bit when the transfer was difficult, mainly due to previous hosting company lacking support.
Tristan Ashby
Tristan Ashby
Verified review
This is the first time I've had to contact NetNerd for some technical assistance. I have to say they were brilliant, Ralph was extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. First class service and would recommend on this experience.
David Clark-Collins
David Clark-Collins
Verified review
A better service and support package. There are many companies that give customers good service. Companies who offer support and after sales assistance. Companies whose product is affordable and tailored to your needs. Netnerd are all of these and in all the years I have had the pleasure of dealing with them I have had nothing to complain about. Thank you FVS/NetNerd.
David Fenton (The Fusion Workshop)
David Fenton (The Fusion Workshop)
Verified review
A good service so far. Registration of the new domain was very easy with lots of available choices given immediately and not expensive. Setting up the emails was pretty easy although there was an error when using the secure port.The Client portal and Cpanel is very comprehensive and easy to use. Although the stats presentations are very confusing. The free Weebly plan is certainly adequate for starting and even the free apps can add good functionality. A bit confusing when trying to log directly into Weebly as the account doesn't seem to exist with them, but access through the Net nerd portal works fine. All in All a painless experience and the site looks good ( recommend.David
Verified review
Nothing seem to be any trouble for them. could not ask any more from them perfect
Terry Faulds
Terry Faulds
Verified review
As always, they were quick to respond which is exactly what you want from a hosting company!

As a business professional, you’re often required to find new ways to reduce costs and improve the productivity of your team whilst remaining available to clients and customers.


Hosted Exchange is the perfect tool allowing you to contact, collaborate and share updates in real-time. Whether you’re working remotely, travelling for business or based in the office, you can stay connected to the rest of your team.

Responsive exchange hosting

Cost effective and secure

Now more than ever, bussinesses need cost-effective, flexible and reliable communication tools. With Hosted Exchange 2016, emails, calendar updates and contact sharing all become instant.


Our fully-managed Hosted Exchange allows you to reduce IT overheads when compared to running on-site Exchange servers. You can also reduce costs by removing the need for expensive hardware installations that require ongoing maintenance.


Hosted Exchange is resilient and secure. In addition, every email is scanned for spam and viruses before it arrives in your inbox further improving efficiency.

Outlook hosted exchange

With our Hosted Exchange, it’s easy to see the benefits:

  • Reduced IT infrastructure costs
  • Exchange 2016
  • Instant deployment
  • Massive 125GB per mailbox
  • Enhanced security
  • Mobile email ‘push’ technology
  • No upgrades or repairs
  • Shared calendars and contacts
  • Easy mailbox control
  • Public folders and subfolders
  • Instant scalability
  • Multiple UK Based Data Centres
 Hosted ExchangeHosted Exchange Plus
Latest Exchange Server Technology
Mailbox Size125GB125GB
Upto 10 email address aliases
Outlook Anywhere access (RPC over HTTPS
Outlook Web Access
Instant Push email
Organisation-wide Address List
Shared calendars
Shared tasks
Shared contacts
Mobile 'Push & Sync' technology
Sync with iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android etc
Sync with Blackberry 10
Remote mobile data wipe
Multiple UK-based data-centres
Data replicaton for peace-of-mind
Every mailbox hosted on 3x Exchange servers for ultra resilience
Anti-Virus protection
Instant activation and provisioning
No set-up fees
40MB attachment size
No minimum mailboxes
24/7 Customer Support
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Optional Outlook 2016 licence (PC)
Optional Outlook licence (Mac)
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A service you can rely on…

NetNerd’s Hosted Exchange servers are triple-hosted. We have multilayered systems distributed across various locations, so in the event of a server outage, traffic will automatically switch to a secondary data centre and services will resume.

Sharepoint hosted exchange

Hosted SharePoint

Hosted SharePoint is a cloud-based collaborative platform that allows members of your team to store, organise, share and access information remotely. Hosted SharePoint is an essential platform for any smart business.

Secure email hosting

Hosted Email Security

Because email is mission-crucial to almost every organisation, businesses now look at cloud-based email security platforms. This means that email is filtered and archived cost-effectively and securely before being delivered to the end-point mail server.

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