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Webmaster for a small sailing
Webmaster for a small sailing
Verified review
The support is good. This applies even to free hosting.
Ian D
Ian D
Verified review
Provide good service and support resolve a wide range of issues.
Verified review
Excellent range of services on offer and superb customer support - sign up for a new domain and hosting is very simple and straightforward and everything at really good prices - highly recommended.
John Marshall
John Marshall
Verified review
This is the best hosting company in the UK I would always use them for any hosting You could not get a better hosting in the UK. Customer service is excellent as well as technical help
Alan Cooper
Alan Cooper
Verified review
We have been using them for several years for a club site, and I have just moved over six personal domains at very little cost. I like the cpanel. They are very good, even though I moaned a bit when the transfer was difficult, mainly due to previous hosting company lacking support.
Tristan Ashby
Tristan Ashby
Verified review
This is the first time I've had to contact NetNerd for some technical assistance. I have to say they were brilliant, Ralph was extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. First class service and would recommend on this experience.
David Clark-Collins
David Clark-Collins
Verified review
A better service and support package. There are many companies that give customers good service. Companies who offer support and after sales assistance. Companies whose product is affordable and tailored to your needs. Netnerd are all of these and in all the years I have had the pleasure of dealing with them I have had nothing to complain about. Thank you FVS/NetNerd.
David Fenton (The Fusion Workshop)
David Fenton (The Fusion Workshop)
Verified review
A good service so far. Registration of the new domain was very easy with lots of available choices given immediately and not expensive. Setting up the emails was pretty easy although there was an error when using the secure port.The Client portal and Cpanel is very comprehensive and easy to use. Although the stats presentations are very confusing. The free Weebly plan is certainly adequate for starting and even the free apps can add good functionality. A bit confusing when trying to log directly into Weebly as the account doesn't seem to exist with them, but access through the Net nerd portal works fine. All in All a painless experience and the site looks good ( recommend.David
Verified review
Nothing seem to be any trouble for them. could not ask any more from them perfect
Terry Faulds
Terry Faulds
Verified review
As always, they were quick to respond which is exactly what you want from a hosting company!

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Domain Registration Pricing

Domain ExtensionRegisterTransferRenewalMax Years£6.99Free£6.9910 years
.uk£6.99Free£6.9910 years
.com£11.99£11.99£11.9910 years
.net£12.29£12.29£12.2910 years
.org£11.99£11.99£11.9910 years
.uk£6.99Free£6.9910 years£6.99Free£6.9910 years£6.99Free£6.9910 years
.site£22.99£22.99£22.9910 years

Prices exclude VAT. Domain registrations for multiple years are charged at the annual rate multiplied by the number of years.

Domain features

Our cheap domain registrations come with the following features as standard:

  • Free private WHOIS
  • URL Masking
  • Simple control panel
  • Free DNS management
  • URL redirection
  • 24/7 support
  • Mail forwarding
  • Cheap renewals
  • Child nameserver support

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a domain name?

If you think of your website as a house, your domain name would be the address. All websites have a corresponding number called an ip address which you can use to access the website, however, these are usually quite long and difficult to remember. Instead, allocating a domain name to your website provides an easy to remember address that visitors can enter.


A domain name consists of a label e.g. netnerd, and a TLD (top-level domain) or domain extension e.g. .com.


Domain extensions are split into five categories with most personal or business domains being either generic top-level domains (gTLD) such as .com, .org, and .net, or country-code top-level domains (ccTLD) such as .uk and .eu.


As the number of domain name registrations continues to grow, ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) introduce new, topical, generic top-level domains such as .photography, .plumbing, and .boutique.

Which domain extentions can I register through NetNerd?

At NetNerd, you can register hundreds of gTLD’s and ccTLD’s including popular extensions such as .com, .net,, .org, .biz, and .info. To view the full list of available domain extensions, enter your desired domain name into the box above and click search.

Things to consider when choosing a domain name

  • – Don’t try to imitate an existing business or brand as you may violate their registered trademark or breach copyright.
  • – Don’t register domain names that are likely to trick visitors into thinking you are another company or brand.
  • – Use your details or the details of your company when registering the domain name, these will be checked anually for accuracy. You can use a private domain registration if you are concerned about your details being made public.
  • – Consider whether you should use a domain name that focuses on your brand, or a keyword or phrase relating to the service you offer. View our blog on choosing an SEO friendly domain name for more tips.

How can I check domain name availability?

You can check domain availability by entering your chosen domain name in the box above and clicking search. We will then display whether the domain is available, different extension options, the current registration price and a link to purchase the domain(s).

Should I buy additional domain extensions to protect my brand?

Some companies choose to register different domain extensions or spelling variations to redirect customers in case they try to guess the domain name incorrectly. An example of this would be if you are a UK based business using a .com domain; you may also register the extension so they still manage to find you.

Why are some domain names cheaper than others?

Domain extensions are controlled by domain name registries and sold by domain registrars such as NetNerd; similar to a brand selling their products through a supermarket rather than distributing them directly.


The registy sets a price that registrars must pay each time a domain is registered. These costs vary depending on the registry controlling the domains. Older gTLD’s tend to be less expensive as the prices are limited by a regulator. Newer gTLD’s aren’t regulated, so registries tend to charge a higher amount for them. The more in demand a domain extension is, the higher the cost tends to be.

Do the prices change when I renew my domain name?

No. The renewal price is the same price you pay when you register your domain with us. The prices for domain registration, domain transfer and domain renewal are listed above.

Can I transfer my existing domains to you?

Yes. We know it’s easier to manage things when they are all in one place, so we are happy for you to transfer as many domains as you like.


If you’re transferring a domain name that ends .uk (e.g.,, the transfer is free. If you are transferring any other domain extension, there may be an additional cost for completing the transfer – this will be the regular cost for one year’s registration (see the above table for price details).