UK Triple SSD Cloud Servers

Standard NetNerd Openstack based cloud servers powered by pure SSD Ceph disks with triple replication on a bonded 40Gbit network.


Model vCPU RAM Disk Price
s1.xs 1 1GB 25GB £4.99/mo
s1.s 1 2GB 50GB £8.99/mo
s1.m 2 4GB 80GB £14.99/mo
s1.mml 3 6GB 100GB £19.99/mo 4 8GB 120GB £23.99/mo
s1.mll 8 16GB 200GB £23.99/mo
s1.l 16 32GB 300GB £29.99/mo
s1.ll 24 64GB 450GB £39.99/mo
s1.lll 24 96GB 500GB £49.99/mo
s1.xl 32 128GB 500GB £69.99/mo
s1.xxl 36 192GB 750GB £99.99/mo

Powered by Openstack

Openstack powered hosting

NetNerd uses the industry leading Openstack platform to power our cloud services. Built by some of the world’s largest companies and in constant development, Openstack provides a simple way to manage a large number or even multiple datacentres from a single control panel, and has no single point of failure as we’ve designed our installation so that all control services are triple redundant.